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Women’s Residential Healing Workshop

The human energy field contains and reflects our energy in intricate systems. It carries our emotions and is affected by our past traumas and by our thinking. How healthy this system is, will reflect in our biology in both physical symptoms and in our emotional energy (how we feel about self and life). Are you feeling happy, powerful and directed by your inner compass of divine grace and intuition and passion? Could you have and be more?

Are you full of energy, inspiration and direction? If not, you are probably held up by what needs to be known and cleared in your energy system. In these residential 2.5-day personalised workshops, Casey will use the Intention Method (IoPT) constellation technique initially to access unconscious splits and access information that will help you to see what needs to be healed.

This work is then followed up with personalised work on healing the trauma that needs to be completed within your system. We use the group to support and the energy of the divine field of grace combined with other compatible techniques to allow for deep integration, support and release of old patterns and traumas.

Due to the time and care it takes for this work for each person, we have only 10 participant places in this workshop. Deep transformation happens in these workshops. Casey has over 24 years of facilitation experience and is constantly upgrading her knowledge, learning and training in the latest techniques and modalities in order to better help you. You get to receive an empowered diagnosis of your areas of loss of power and Casey will then advise you further on what you may need going forward, at the end of the workshop. Once your patterns and splits are conscious you can process in a supportive environment, allowing major positive changes to occur in your life.

Through specific exercises, self-questioning, and the intuitive guidance that Casey provides , you will also gain insight to diagnose what and where in your body you may be losing your energy and power. We will use principles of ancient Chinese medicine, the energetic understanding of the Chakra systems and how they affect your spiritual and emotional bodies. We will also use the application of somatic experiencing and Neuro-biological trauma healing techniques to see what you need to realign, and shift yourself to greater power and grace!

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