Our Work

Your heart knows the way, run in that direction.
— Rumi

We believe you are perfect at your core and we would like nothing more than to help you find your way back to your true authenticity, shining your light, and to feel purpose and joy in your life.

The brain is neuroplastic, we help you to rewire your brain, process and complete your past traumas and regain your organic and true power. We work with both your Neurophysiology and your Psychology to  heal repetitive negative behaviours and symptoms that are based in past traumas. Helping to heal emotional pain and traumatic stress, by using many integrated techniques to treat the impact of trauma, whether it is recent, past or intergenerational.



The body

Working with mindfulness, health, wellbeing, and looking at the bioenergetic system according to Chinese Medicine (five elements and meridians).


The mind

Accessing subconscious beliefs and thinking patterns that have created repetitive behaviours and patterns you want to change, pattern recognition and neural reprogramming coaching.


The emotions

Working with suppressed unexpressed emotions from childhood and preverbal traumas and learning to be safe about feeling states. We hold a space for healthy expression and integration of emotions.


The Spirit

Understanding what happens to your spirit (life force/soul/qi / prana) in our journey of life is vital to integrating your life force back into the body for full establishment of your personal power. There is a system of loss that occurs when we experience shocks and traumas and there are methods to get your spirit back. This takes understanding of how it was lost and what challenges are required to re-establish this connection with self and oneness so you can participate in the full evolution of who you are. We can guide you to these challenges and walk you through them if you choose to evolve in this way.


The Nervous System

Casey and Carly work with the physiological resolution of trauma in the brain and nervous system completion of shut down defensive responses, release of emotions associated with trauma and re-establishing regulation in the nervous system. The outcome is to regain a cohesive sense of self and feel powerful again. Generally each session falls into the realm of body centred psychotherapy Somatic Experiencing (body centered trauma resolution work), but also combines techniques like inner child work or identity oriented constellation (IoPT) depending on what is needed in order to reconnect you with your personal power, free up your mind and live in a sense of emotional wellbeing and presence.