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Passionate Professionals

We have a team of Trauma Specialists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors dedicated to the intention of creating healing, consciousness and connection with your true self.

Founder and Principal Therapist Dr Casey Terry (TCM) has, over the last 20 years, trained with the world leaders in trauma healing: Peter Levine, Allan Schore, Pat Ogden, Pia Mellody, Bessel van der Kolk, Franz Ruppert, Lisa Schwarz, Diane Poole Heller, John Bradshaw, Myrna Martin and more.


Dr Casey Terry (TCM)

Principal TRAUMA Therapist I Founder

B.Psych I Dr. of Chinese Medicine I Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) I Comprehensive Resource Model Practitioner (CRM)

Casey is a specialist Trauma Therapist, Dr of Chinese Medicine, Psychologist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and teacher in her own course of Integrated Trauma Healing (ITH). Her work focuses on healing developmental, neurobiological, attachment and interpersonal aspects of the self, using many integrated techniques to treat the impact of trauma, whether it is recent, past or intergenerational.

Casey has spent over 20 years in private practice, working with people to successfully adapt to and heal from traumatic experiences. She has a passion for learning, and continues to study internationally with world leaders in traumatology, including the emerging field of epigenetics and Identity Orientated Psychotraumatology (IoPT).

Casey also brings the ancient knowledge of Chinese Medicine to her holistic approach, combining this Eastern approach with the Western Biomedical model using the 5 elements, yin yang, and their associated emotional/energetic patterns in her application of the practise for the healing and regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Through her work, experience, and teaching, she believes that all aspects of your unique humanness can be touched, healed and transformed, awakening the heart and soul of your most powerful healthy self.


Martin Main


University Certificate in Counselling I Master's Degree Psychotherapy & Counselling (current).

Martin is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for his clients to create lasting positive change and reach their potential. Martin focusses on emotional wellbeing through self exploration and boundary management, using psychodynamically informed counselling practices. He is deeply compassionate and passionate about the journey of consciousness and is totally aligned with the direction in his own life of assisting people back to their power and psychological health and happiness.

In his former career, Martin held senior management and consulting roles for the oil and gas industry, providing him with detailed knowledge of high pressure workplaces.


Carly Moorfield

Counsellor I I.T.H. Practitioner

Grad Dip. Counselling I B.Arts I ITH Practitioner (Integrated Trauma Healing).

Carly has been fascinated with evolution and consciousness for more than ten years. In 2016, she decided to transition out of her career in government communications, moving to Perth to begin her counselling training.

Carly has completed more than 100 hours of training with Casey on the foundations of integrated trauma healing. In 2019, she received her Graduate Diploma in Counselling from Murdoch University, with a high distinction grade point average.

Carly is both gentle and astute, working with her clients to safely release stuck emotions and energy held in the body, thereby supporting positive and lasting change in her clients' lives.

Carly is an intelligent committed human being passionate about the journey of healing and has spent many years healing herself in her own journey back to power and health.

Carly was drawn to counselling after the power of her own transition of healing and the passion for helping people with their own transformation.




Grad. Dip Counselling (Grief & Loss, Family Therapy) I Advanced Diploma ‘s in Abuse Counselling, Child Development & Effective Parenting, Relationship & Conflict Resolution.

Lisa is known for her warmth, compassion and engaging personality. She is passionate about helping individuals free themselves from trauma having lived through a number of traumatic life experiences herself and therefore, has the ability to use, not only her professional qualifications, but also her multitude and wealth of life experiences to truly connect with her clients and validate their experiences.

Lisa creates an open, compassionate and safe environment and builds a strong therapeutic relationship for clients to begin the journey to resolve and heal complicated issues and help them gain insight, clarity, resilience and maintain coping skills and steps towards a preferred future. Lisa believes that nurturing a client, and truly listening to an individual's story, can be the building block to helping them ease their current pain, begin the road to recovery and transforming their lives. Lisa’s authenticity and sense of humour is also popular with her clients and puts them at ease.

Lisa is also an experienced Grief Counsellor to support you after the loss of a beloved pet.



Therapist Assistant

Ruby has a traumatic history herself, so she understands how it feels to be traumatised.

Her early life included abandonment, starvation and having to fight to survive. Through lots of loving attention and years or interaction with Totally Alive clients Ruby has now graduated to a capable loving therapy dog.

She takes her job to nurture and protect you very seriously (except at lunchtime)or when offered treats. Come and enjoy the love and fun offered by Ruby and feel your regulation and healing begin. Woof!