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Totally Alive, psychologist Perth, is dedicated to the intention of creating healing, consciousness and connection with your true Self. Through a combination of attending weekend residential and/or one-day workshops, and one-on-one coaching transformation sessions we can guide and facilitate you back to your ‘Soul Matrix®’ or powerful loving Self. We believe you are perfect at your core and support you to see and experience your divine light.

Our intention of raising consciousness and healing with you are achieved through the understanding of the need for a holistic approach, incorporating:

  • Body
  • Mind
  • Spirit
  • Emotions
  • Energy systems
  • Sub-conscience belief reprogramming
  • Neuroscience

Totally Alive’s director and facilitator, Casey Terry uses various modalities of healing to create transformation of your belief patterns, emotional body and release of old, unwanted energies. Through somatic or body-based psychotherapy, trauma work, (Peter Levine) somatic experiencing trauma healing, energy healing, breathwork, generational healing, intergenerational traumatology constellation work, hypnotherapy, hypno birthing work and Casey’s own healing system ~ Soul Matrix Reprogram. All aspects of our unique humanness can be touched, healed and transformed awakening the heart and soul of your most powerful healthy self.

We offer support and healing in all these areas in a safe, gentle, loving environment where you will feel supported and safe in a space for you and your healing. A personalised healing program is individually diagnosed specifically for you. We will create and overall direction and recommendations for what you personally need for your healing.

Totally Alive Workshop Series includes:

  1. Early Attachment
    healing original attachment wounds (babyhood and beyond)
  2. Inner Child
    freeing your inner child (release, recharge and resource)
  3. ShadowShop
    integration and healing of your shadow side (ownership, responsibility and power)
  4. Generational
    clearing generational trauma (genetic energetic transference)
  5. Sexual Trauma
    healing sexual abuse (for survivors of sexual invasion)
  6. Manifestation and Majik
    ancient principles of authentic manifestation (moving from victim to creator)
  7. Forgiveness and Completion
    power through compassion and love (life’s journey)

Go to our workshops page for more information on each of the above workshops.

Any workshop can be taken singularly, repeated anytime to work through further layers of healing, or they can be taken as a series of seven sequentially.Go to bookings for costs and discounts on workshop packages. Our calendar lists upcoming dates and locations of workshops.