IoPT Trauma Constellation Workshop

This workshop is designed to access and work with the unconscious intra-psychic splits (split off parts of yourself) that have shut down due to trauma or overwhelm.

As a "participant", you choose the issue you want to deal with and it can be anything you want to look at. Then you form a sentence which becomes your constellation. For example, ”I want to look at why my thyroid is not functioning well” or “I want to look at why I struggle with relationships” etc.

These hidden parts of our self are accessed by the "representatives" in the group standing in for parts of you, and will demonstrate how you feel and what you want to see, the truth of what you were unable to process, and take in, and deal with as a child.

Family entanglements and enmeshment can be exposed if you choose, allowing you to see where you may be stuck in your life or where you may be carrying someone else's trauma? This work is extremely powerful and allows you to reach places you have not been able to access before. It is done respectfully and held in a sacred place.

This one day workshop allows you to see, feel, or understand (depending on what you ask for) what you have not been able to see. I then encourage you to follow up the workshop with a couple of sessions to integrate and heal what came up for you.

There are only five (5) working places per workshop (people doing an actual constellation), but as many people as possible can come and stand in for someone else, as a representative and not do an actual process yourself.

Standing in as a representative is very beneficial and healing for you too, as you can also get to see what may be in your unconscious material, so it’s like a private workshop that only you get to feel (and if you want to bring this to a session and work with it later that’s possible), so you can also learn what may be relevant to your own personal growth. What you get chosen to represent as a part of someone else's constellation is extremely valuable to your own healing experience as well.

The name of this work is COSI (Constellation of the Sentence of the Intention) or IoPT (Identity Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy) and was created by Professor Franz Rupert.

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