Understanding PTSD

PTSD is ubiquitous in our society, and can stem from a range of traumatic experiences. Trauma is any event that causes someone to think “the world is no longer a safe place.” It could be any experience in which a person feels their own life or the life of another has been threatened physically, emotionally or psychologically. For example- accidents or illnesses, chronic childhood stress, witnessing violence etc.

It may be difficult to know when an event or experience has had a traumatizing affect. Those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) are affected with symptoms on a daily basis long after the event has subsided.

This seminar teaches you to identify Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, recognise any symptoms that you may experience in yourself or loved ones and find what you can do to help yourself. You will also learn about the latest scientific research, breakthroughs and techniques to help PTSD.