women’s workshops

one-day women’s workshops

healing emotional pain and clearing energy

These one-day workshops are a generic mix of themes and techniques from the Totally Alive workshop series, condensed into a single day. They are specifically designed for women that, due to either family or other commitments, find it difficult to get away easily for residential (live-in) workshops.
We will come into your workplace to run these workshops if you require.

Women’s Workshops to Connect With Others

The intention of these one day workshops is to connect with like-minded souls to create a support group and a space for emotional processing. You will be guided and supported by Casey and each other to accompany you on your healing journey, and to create a space to share with other women who have also chosen to heal, grow and shine their light. This is also a space to process your feelings if you need to. However if it’s not right for you to process your feelings on the day, you can just come and be there, which is healing and nurturing in itself as we will create a healing field of energy with the group. Everyone will get a turn to be heard and supported. Casey will direct, talk and guide you.

These workshops will be limited to 8 per group. For updates please subscribe to our news.

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