w1 early attachment

workshop 1: early attachment

Healing original attachment wounds (prenatal and beyond)

Much of the world is experiencing and epidemic of separation and loneliness. We all deserve to experience healthy, resiliant, loving and evolving relationships. Many of our relationship issues in the here and now are related to wounding from our experiences with our first caregivers. By working with early attachment wounding and painful experiences (prenatal to 1 year), we can understand and heal the reasons (unconsciousness dynamics) why it may seem difficult to manifest and maintain connection, intimacy and love as an adult.

Early Attachment – One Day Workshop

In 2009 Casey updated her training in prenatal and birth therapy with Dr. Raymond F. Castellino www.castellinotraining.com to further facilitate people of all ages to resolve and repattern prenatal and birth trauma imprinting. Dr. Raymond F. Castellino has developed and refines the ‘Womb Surround’ Process  since 1992. It creates a safe, welcoming environment in which to explore early imprinting from preverbal life that is affecting your present life. The purpose is to heal and re-pattern early trauma and to create more options for current behavior and ways of being in relationship. In addition to healing prenatal, birth and other early trauma, this process has the principle impact of encouraging loving bonding within primary relationships. Participants state that the process is transformational on a very deep level

w1 – early attachment – is a one day workshop and includes reparative experiences in relation to existence, bonding and healthy attachment. We activate and practice a healthy relational field to replace missing experiences of bonding, receiving and protection, some recognition of how projection into the now occurs from disrupted attachment experiences. In a group dynamic, we provide opportunities to complete and repair visual kindness, welcoming exercises, being seen and acknowledged and celebrated.

We absolutely have within us the Soul Matrix® (blueprint) to access our original, healthy attachment pathways. This workshop opens that door. We can unwind, release the pain and reactivate the original authentic and loving Self.

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