totally alive workshops

Totally Alive offers deep healing and transformational workshops across Australia and internationally. We offer a series of powerful thematic workshops, which are residential (live in) retreats, starting Friday and running through to Sunday afternoon. International retreats incorporating these workshops over a period of a week also including optional pampering and detox programs are currently available in Bali, Indonesia. We also offer one-day workshops in specialised areas and women only one-day workshops.

Casey has been facilitating deep transformational workshops, in Perth, Australia and internationally, for over ten years. These workshops are a safe, sacred and respectful space to provide you with an opportunity to learn about and experience the core aspects of your true self.

Totally Alive workshops allow for deep introspection, emotional release and reconnection to your original Soul Matrix® Self, giving you clarification and insight into how your life is playing out. During the workshops, as you experience your inner true Self, you will begin to see how your energy and emotions become blocked, how your attitudes and beliefs are formed, the fears that drive you and how this impacts on your life on an unconscious level.

Find detailed information on each of our seven specialised thematic workshops below:

In the facilitation process, Casey combines a combination of practices and techniques and her clairaudient abilities to direct and facilitate.

Some techniques that are incorporated in the workshops include:

  • breathwork
  • meditation
  • movement dialogue
  • gestalt and reflective energy work
  • trauma resolution
  • resourcing positive experiences to reprogram
  • inner child work
  • humour
  • role-play
  • art therapy
  • storytelling
  • ceremony

At times you will be professionally and intuitively guided to experience the movement and release of deep emotional discharge creating space for your authentic light to exist and integrate in your body. This will help you to let go of any long held, underlying causes of stress, relationship difficulties, depression, addictions, anxiety and loss of personal inspiration and power.

The clearing of illusions will often come in the form of recognising and owning our shadow selves, emotional release, ownership of defences and our subconscious resistance to loving our Self and others. These energies are held in layers in the body so it is recommended to do a series of workshops to open your heart and free your ability to re-create and love your life.

In a dynamic, supportive, fun atmosphere you can enhance your creativity, discover and action your true potential and learn how to manage your personal energy system for a more effective direction, clearer decision-making and personal purpose.

Casey facilitates every workshop herself with the assistance of one to two personally trained and qualified support person/s. Workshops run with between 6 and 15 participants so they are intimate and very powerful. All venues are comfortable, private, self-catering and budget-conscious. Rooms are share with maximum two participants per room.

These workshops are powerfully rewarding and reflect a deep commitment to self which in turn reflects a deep commitment to life: it allows for transformation of our limiting beliefs that affect our reality as well as an emotional freedom that will feel like a deeper experience of life.

Come join us… it’s a wonderful journey and an opportunity to meet others on the path too.

For further information or to book into a workshop contact us.