Totally Alive is not just a name it is a feeling

Testimonial For The lovely Casey Terry (…and our tribe)

With Divine Love & Deep Gratitude

Totally Alive is not just a name it is a feeling, the feeling you get when you truly look within yourself. When you have the guts to ask those powerful questions of yourself and truly face the light and the dark of who you are. Then, once you make a conscious choice to free yourself from all that is holding you back you will feel differently, more Alive.

Casey has an authenticity about her that is deeply moving. She walks her talk, her life is a true example of what she facilitates, teaches and is intuitively guided by. What is this authenticity I speak of?

Quite simply, it is divine love in action. The moment I started to work into myself with the facilitation of Casey’s therapy I felt my energy shift- Mind, Body and Spirit. I felt I could dig DEEP into the recesses of hidden traumas, addictions, behaviours and responses which kept me going in circles until I honestly took a look at what it was I most needed to heal.

If you have the authentic intention and truly chose to really take a deep look into your SELF and transform, evolve, heal and grow- then this therapy and training is for you.

Casey’s therapy, trainings and workshops are designed to encompass a culmination of years of knowledge, intuition, research and HEART.

Overall, I feel better in touch with myself since working with Casey and have learned to truly embrace who I am and the gifts that I was born to be. My purpose in this life is clearer and I feel stronger having moved through my issues and not around them. It takes great courage, heart and strength with a healthy dose of perseverance for one to do this but it is totally worth it! No pun intended 😉

Life will always be a process, always fluctuating with good days and not so good ones but what I have learned through this work is to find an awareness of the perfect part of my self which is alive in every moment, my soul, the part of myself connected to source which is always ready to free me from any negativity and in this freedom I will be set free to understand the essence of love. The essence of love, being that I am free I am Alive, in this moment. Having  knowledge that I have a choice to choose if I want to heal or stay the same. This is liberating, this is divine love, joy and for that I am grateful! Thank you to Casey and the team at Totally Alive, truly a sacred tribe of people dedicated to the fullness of Spirit and a NEW way of healing. One that is conscious, evolved and transformed.

From Erin