individual sessions

body centered psychotherapy sessions

Casey has expertise in a number of healing modalities and uses different techniques holistically for whatever is needed by each individual. These are incorporated into a body centered psychotherapy session, which informs you about what the body is trying to heal or communicate. Healing occurs simultaneously as these techniques assist the body to gently and permanently release deeply held trauma memory, armoring and tension.

intuitive bodywork

This is a deep unfolding process assessing the physical holding patterns and energetic disturbances in the physical body. These tend to cause pain, tension and discomfort, thus diminishing fluidity and flexibility in normal life. Casey utilises whole-hearted healing of peak states of trauma and somatic or body centered psychotherapy.

trauma resolution

Casey works with you to resolve the physiological and emotional memory of trauma in the nervous system. This is a very effective body centred trauma resolution approach developed by Peter Levine’s work of somatic experiencing.
Skype and phone sessions available

PSYCH-K® Sessions

Is a new friendly way to revive the software of your subconscious and change the outcome of your life!
It’s a technique originated by Robert M. Williams  that uses a process that is designed to create a “whole brain” state.
A “whole brain” state is a state that is ideal for reprogramming the mind with new self-enhancing beliefs, reducing stress and helping you to live your life’s full potential.
Results of a balance are felt instantly or can evolve over days, weeks and months.
An example of a self limiting belief can be: “I’m not good enough” or “if people knew the real me they wouldn’t like me”
Our lives, emotions and behaviours are a direct reflection of our beliefs.
Bruce Lipton “Biology of Belief” endorses the work of PSYCH-K®.
Skype and phone sessions available

Imago relationship therapy

Is created by Harvill Hendrix and his theory is based on facilitation of an effective way to create stronger relationships.  It makes us become more aware of the way we are all deeply interconnected.  It offers insights and healing into the unconscious agendas we bring into relationships.  When we have this information we can learn to empower self and partner and choose to grow together in a creative non-controlling non-competitive way.
A healing fun way that creates understanding and connection.
Recommended reading: “Keeping the love you find” “Making marriage Simple” by Harvill Hendrix
Skype and phone sessions available

breath work

This a modality that takes the client into a slightly altered state, through deep breathing without control or restriction, safely allowing for access and release of held angers, emotions, awareness of experiences and beliefs, to be discharged and resolved.

channelled healing

When guided, Casey can access healing vibrations to come through to assist you and your journey. Casey receives channelled guidance about your energy and also ‘messages’ that may come during this experience.

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