I am now working in areas that used to scare me.

Testimonial: Male, age 40, Counsellor/Educator

What effect has Totally Alive had on you as an individual and your lifestyle?

The intense level of work done with Casey Terry has changed my life. I am now working in areas that used to scare me. I am a new man.

How different are you feeling about your life now?

The fact that I am now ‘feeling’ says it all.

List the most important things Totally Alive has helped you with:

1. Getting in touch with my anger.
2. Helping me set boundaries.
3. Releasing stored trauma out of my body.

Would you refer a friend/colleague/family member to Totally Alive?

Yes. When ‘talking’ isn’t enough, Casey Terry is the person who I make referrals to as she has the gift/ability to take the client to a deeper level via a range of modalities not often found in the therapist’s office.

What would you say to the friend/colleague/family member about your Totally Alive experience?

Be Honest, Open-minded and Willing, Casey’s work isn’t for everyone. It takes courage and commitment, but it’s worth it and you’re worth it. Your life will never be the same again.

Any other comments that you would like to share?

Casey Terry has captured a niche market in the field of personal growth in an area most clinicians would shy away from!