My life is more peaceful and calm.

Testimonial: Female, age 36, Personal Assistant

What effect has Totally Alive had on you as an individual and your lifestyle?

Casey has made me understand the unhealthy decisions and choices I have made In my life! The confidence I now have sees me making better choices.

How different are you feeling about your life now?

My life is more peaceful and calm. I tend not to rush my decisions, instead taking time to listen to myself more, trust myself and others.

List the most important things Totally Alive has helped you with:

1. To believe in my decisions and choices.
2. To trust my inner voice and to listen to it.
3. To accept myself for who I am, and with the understanding of my background/childhood to move forward in a much healthier way.

Would you refer a friend/colleague/family member to Totally Alive?

I have referred friends to Totally Alive as the changes Casey has been able to assist and support me in have been huge. I look around and feel this gift must be shared and valued.

What would you say to the friend/colleague/family member about your Totally Alive experience?

From the moment I met Casey I trusted her words, wisdom, ability, knowledge and after attending sessions and workshops my life changed. Casey’s positive and balanced lessons have taught me so much. It just took this one person to make me see that. You see amazing results when attending workshops from just witnessing the changes evolving around you with other attendees.

Any other comments that you would like to share?

Take this amazing step forward and feel the difference when you allow Casey Terry to enter you life.