I feel like I am actually ‘living’ not just existing.

Testimonial: Female, age 33, Marketing Manager

What effect has Totally Alive had on you as an individual and your lifestyle?

I feel like I am actually ‘living’ not just existing.

How different are you feeling about your life now?

I am happier and stronger in my convictions and less things annoy me. I am less stressed, are more open to love. I love being alive!

List the most important things Totally Alive has helped you with:

1. Providing a strong foundation to step out into the world.

2. Increased awareness on all levels spiritual, emotional and mentally especially of my own belief patterns and how they play out in my life and influence in my everyday decisions and reactions.
3. Allowing myself to shine, to be loved and to respect and honor my self and my needs. I am worthy, something I struggle with but am learning more and more each day, month and year.

Would you refer a friend/colleague/family member to Totally Alive?


What would you say to the friend/colleague/family member about your Totally Alive experience?

If your stuck, if your unsure, if your not 100% happy then there are issues playing out in your life. Totally Alive can change things. By committing and following through with the program will help in discovering yourself, your issues and what your beliefs are. It is scary to be responsible, to look at the heart of your shadow, but to choose the journey is to give yourself wings so you can fly!

Any other comments that you would like to share?

I, as well as many others I have met on my Totally Alive journey, have all one thing in common… we were fine! We were functioning, we thought we were happy… we had no idea! The only way I can describe it as we had a level of operation of 5. We would drift up to a 7 on occasion and down to 2 during sad or stressful times.. but that was our maximum range of emotions. Now we are all operating at a 20 and drift up to 30 and down to 15. It’s amazing how the range and heightened level of feelings we now have. It is truly feeling TOTALLY ALIVE!