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90 minutes

60 minutes

Please note: all first sessions require a minimum of 90 minutes



Contact us for the new 2017 workshops available.

Marta Thorsheim, Founder of the Institute of Traumatology in Norway, is coming to Perth, Australia to facilitate a 2 day Constellation Trauma Healing Workshop and Free Lecture with Casey Terry. First time in Australia!

Download PDF Brochure here for more information about this Constellation Workshop and Free Lecture

new constellation workshop
with marta thorsheim & casey terry

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th August 2016, 9.00am to 6.00pm, Perth Australia

This workshop is designed to access past traumas and work with the unconscious intra-psychic splits (disconnected parts of yourself) that have shut down due to trauma or overwhelm. It is ground breaking work in early traumas, transgenerational traumas, identity and entanglement.

free lecture – early trauma & trauma of identity
with marta thorsheim & casey terry

Thursday 4th August 7.00pm to 9.00pm, Perth Australia

During the free lecture you will learn the origin and principles of this very special work and how it unfolds in a group. Marta will talk about the essence of the work and understand how powerful and healing it can be for you.

 3 day power healing retreat

Friday October 9th – Sunday October 11th Working with Chakras 4, 5 and 6

  • Continuing self love
  • Clearing generational patterns
  • Emotional healing
  • Changing belief systems
  • Forgiveness

Location: Dwellingyup Cost: $1495


Creating strong resilient children seminar – 2016


This one day skills training will help you to help you learn techniques to create faster resilience following situations like falls, spills, bullying and stress in your kids.

You will learn the background to how trauma works in the body and what to do if something happens to your child, to create confidence and calm. Learn how to speak the right way to a traumatized child Learn emotional first aid steps How to communicate support effectively How to validate the event correctly What to say and how to say it What to expect in a traumatic situation Standing strong in challenging situations in the school yard Body language, posture and boundaries

This information is invaluable for anyone caring for children

Bookings essential

Date: TBC

Time: 10am to 3.30pm

Venue: TBA

Cost: $245pp

For further information or to make a booking enquiry please contact us



bali spiritual retreat 2016 – dates to be advised

Set in the energy of blissful Bali, this retreat includes accommodation in a private luxurious villa. During these five days you will experience a Totally Alive one day & evening processing workshop, with daily informative spiritual talks with Casey Terry.

tour package includes:

 One day & evening emotional, spiritual processing healing workshop presented by Casey Terry Optional Daily informative talks topics include:

  • secrets to happiness
  • meditation
  • how to create a daily spiritual practice
  • learn about the wise investment of your personal power (spirit)
  • archetypes, what are they & what are yours?
  • 1 to 2 hour presentations daily (morning or evening)

Refreshments upon arrival Accommodation: 5 nights at private villa 5 days breakfast of your choice prepared by private chefs Private Chef & staff

Land Cost – Complete Package

Cost TBA per person (twin share or couple rooms)

rejuvenate + integrate + heal + learn

Relax, enjoy and rejuvenate in blissful Bali. Pamper yourself with massages and spa treatments. Transform yourself from the inside with new skills, awareness’s and tools to live in what happiness means to you. To make an enquiry please contact us or call: +61 (0)414 372 362   TAWarriorWomanpage

A Warrior Women Evolutionary Training Course

Do you spend a significant part of your day considering how to evolve yourself and make the world a better place? Do you feel the importance of consciousness and awakening in this time we are experiencing? Do you know that evolution needs awake, wise conscious participants being real and taking responsibility? And do you feel, and know that you are being called to be giving, helping participating, in this evolutionary shift? In some way would you like to be part of serving and guiding the process of human emergence? But don’t know how? Where is consciousness taught as a subject, to prepare you for this type of evolutionary transformation? And do you long to connect and form a community of kindred spirits that are committed to living life on the same level as you? Come and talk to us about the spiritual warrior program offered by Totally Alive. In this ongoing training you will be working with your own evolution and committed to what it means to really embrace an evolving relationship to life. This course will offer you radical shifts and options in the way you choose to operate in the world

  • Infuse your life with meaning and direction, by understanding the principles of Levels of consciousness.
  • Energy systems and how to manage them
  • The power of spiritual practises
  • What it takes to face and move through the shadow self
  • The science behind healing quantum physics and why it’s important
  • The power and use of intention
  • Manifestation principles and techniques
  • An explanation of new paradigm healing techniques and practices
  • Taking responsibility for your life and your energy, how to do this
  • Recognition of the many faces of fear and how to move through

Much more … This course is lecture based consisting of 10 evening sessions with evolutionary tasks to complete for your own personal /spiritual development. If you have a passion for what’s possible and want to explore the new paradigm of consciousness this course is for you warm, friendly, full of humour and passion join like minded others and travel from ego to spirit in this journey together. Great for practitioner’s, healers and anyone feeling a call to evolve BOOK NOW

For further information or to make a booking enquiry please contact us