Give Yourself The Gift Of Forgiveness

by Casey Terry The most important healing action or choice you could ever make is forgiveness. It will bring a powerful movement towards wholeness, peace to your soul and power to your everyday moments. Essentially it means to “give it up and let it go” It is one of the major keys to happiness and […]

when words are not enough

Somatic psychotherapy: a therapist’s perspective by Donald Marmara, somatic psychotherapist Every time a natural impulse is denied (don’t shout, don’t cry, don’t look, don’t get too excited), we cut off from our aliveness, our connection with our biological pulsation; thwarting our ability to experience “streamings” – a cellular function that gives us feelings of security, belonging […]

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

One Method for Processing Traumatic Memory Pat Ogden Hakomi Somatics Institute and Naropa University Boulder, Colorado Kekuni Minton Hakomi Somatics Institute and Naropa University Boulder, Colorado Traditional psychotherapy addresses the cognitive and emotional elements of trauma, but lacks techniques that work directly with the physiological elements, despite the fact that trauma profoundly affects the body […]